Things to do before moving into your new home

Packing and moving can be a very stressful thing. There are so many things to think about, that people often forget that they also need to take care of the new house before they can move it.

Here are some tips  to help you feel right at home in your new place when you move in.

1. Check for major defaults


You should probably have done this before your bought the place, but maybe it was an inheritance or a sale you just couldn’t exist.

Make an inventory of all major renovations needed for the house. Try to plan them before moving in. There is nothing as annoying as living in a construction zone.

2. Paint walls and ceiling

painting walls

This is the perfect moment for re-painting your new house before all the furniture is brought in. Don’t postpone it until later, because it would take at least twice the time once all your things are already inside the house. And moving in into a freshly repainted house feels so much better!

If you don’t have the time or live too far a way, hire a professional.

3. Get rid of unwanted house mates


I’m not talking about the neighbors kids hanging around. If the house has been empty for a while, it could be the home of some unwanted friends, like mice and bugs and other creatures.

Hire an exterminator to spray your house before you move in. Nothing ruins a move more than finding a rat in the kitchen when you wake up on the first day in your new place.

4. Change the locks


Even when the previous owners are the most trust-worthy people on earth, you never know who else has a key to your new house. Make sure you get enough copies of the new locks now that you have changed them. It’s easier to have an extra set now that having to get copies later.

5. Clean everything

house cleaning

The best moment to give a house a full and thorough cleaning is when it is empty. Make sure to have everything cleaned, also the cellar and attic. Again, you could hire a professional company to take care of it. The house will smell so much nicer when you move in!

6. Make a map


It may sound funny, but it might be a good idea to make a map of your new house and label all the utilities. Where is the main switchboard? Test the switches and label them. Locate the main water valve to shut off everything in case of a leak. If possible, ask the plans from the previous owner so that you know where all the pipes and electric wiring is located.

Make sure you make both paper and electronic copies. A paper copy is useful when there is no electricity, but it can get lost. An electronic copy is easier to send to workers in case you need to have them do some maintenance.

Not many people think about this but this is very important, especially in case of an emergency.

7. Replace safety equipment

fire extinguisher

Before moving in, it’s probably a good idea to check if there are enough smoke detectors and if they are still in a good condition. Do the same for fire extinguishers.

Unless you are 100% sure they are still in good condition, have them all replaced. Your life of your family is worth more than the cost of a few new smoke detectors!

8. Leave some essentials

toilet paper

It’s a good idea to leave some essential things, like toilet paper, soap and towel inside the new house before you move in. Maybe you need to go there in advance to take care of some things or maybe some workers do.

Being nice to workers always results in a better job done, some leave some things for them to use.

9. Take photos


When the house is all cleaned up but still empty, it is a good time to take some photos. Not only can they be useful if you ever want to sell the place again, you can also add room photos to your moving boxes so that there is no confusion possible to where the box should go.

10. Say hi to your neighbors


Talking to your new neighbors before you move in is not only a friendly gesture, it will also provide you with a free security guard. Tell them about when you will move ahead of time, so they won’t get mad when the moving truck is blocking the road. Inform them about any companies that are scheduled to take care of some chores (like painters, cleaners, exterminator). This way, your neighbors know what activity is normal and what is suspicious. Leave your phone number so they can always reach you when they think something is wrong.



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