5 Things To Look For In A Door-To-Door Piano Transport Solution

Moving is never fun. Having to pack up everything in a home, get it physically moved to the next one, and then unpack is one of the least fun processes in life.

While everything is in transit, you might not have a comfortable bed to sleep in or know where anything is. Even normally simple things like preparing meals or going through your morning routine in the bathroom can be a pain.

Things get even more complicated when a musical instrument like a piano is involved. This is something that you might not want to trust with a regular moving van or furniture transport company.

Using a door-to-door piano transport business makes sense.

Keep reading to learn 5 things to look for in such a service provider, should you choose to use one.

1) Can they hold the piano at an interim location if need be?

In many cases of transporting a piano door to door, the crew comes in and picks it up, puts it in their vehicle, and immediately delivers it to its next home. However, if you are switching homes, this might not always be a good idea.

If you do not yet have access to your next home yet, or other people are moving in and out with boxes and other furniture, or if the piano needs disassembly and packing, then it might make sense to have it taken out the day before you do your moving out, and then have it brought into your new home after you finally get the keys and will be over there.

An overnight or one- or two-day stay either in the transport vehicle or a temporary storage location can make for safe storage when there is nowhere else for it to go.

2) Will they handle disassembly, reassembly, and packing/unpacking?

Some pianos are not able to be taken down into various pieces and have just to be moved as is, but many models can be deconstructed at least partially and probably even should be to transport them safely and successfully.

Can the door-to-door piano transport team you are consulting with handle this? What kind of packing materials do they use to ensure nothing gets banged, bumped, scraped, scratched, or bruised? Or do they require that you handle the disassembly and packing on your own?

You have enough on your plate as it is if you are moving from one home to another, so choose someone full-service that handles all details for you.

3) When making sure they can move your piano safely, also make sure that they are using trained professionals.

Ask them for a roster of their employees or contractors, and make sure they have gone through background checks. You do not want to hire a moving business that might have one piano expert but is cutting his costs and boosting his profit margin by hiring casual day labor off the street to provide the muscle needed to move most pianos.

4) Is the piano mover going to provide insurance coverage during the move?

You might already have an insurance policy covering your possessions within your home, but it might not be in effect when in transit between residences.

If your piano is extremely valuable, then you might have an insurance policy on it alone, but that policy might not cover what happens when it is someone else's hands, so ask the piano moving business if they cover any accidents or losses that might happen while they are working on the piano in either home or while it is in transit.

5) Do they have a tuner or repairman on staff?

While the best piano movers are going to execute a piano move from point A to point B without any issue or complication, things do not always go perfectly.

Do they have a technician on their staff that can look over the piano when it arrives to make sure it is undamaged and reassembled appropriately?

They should hopefully have a tuner on staff or know someone they can bring in to make sure that the piano is not just physically fit but sounds great in your new home too.

Moving from one home to another is certainly not the only case where you might use a door-to-door piano transport service.They also come in handy if you choose to buy a piano from someone else and need it moved, or if you sell or donate yours to a school, church or other organization.

Even in these cases, the 5 things to look for in such a mover still apply in many cases, so use all the criteria listed here to judge if a piano mover is the right one for you or is off key.