Your piano could be one of your most prized possessions in your home and not just an ordinary furniture. It has a lot of sensitive & delicate pieces inside, so it needs to be handled with utmost care.

When it comes to moving pianos, it is not as simple as moving other furniture, as the weights are typically heavy that could weigh from 500 to 1,300 pounds. The uneven weight distribution is usually one of the very challenging parts when moving a piano.

If you are planning to move your piano to a new location, hiring our professional piano mover is the best decision you can make. It will spare your piano from any unnecessary damages and scratches.

Hiring our pros will also protect your house from any further damages that could be caused by wrong techniques in moving your piano by yourself, because even the smallest pianos are heavy and unwieldy.

For example, grand pianos can require disassembling if it does not get through your doorways. It will also prevent avoidable damages to the top, legs, and pedals of the piano. Most of the time, the inner mechanical parts need to be tied down, and all parts need to be handled and wrapped carefully to preserve the beauty and quality of the piano.

Therefore, moving your piano would highly require the help of our expert movers to make sure that your piano will be transported safely and efficiently.

All of the movers that we hire are highly experienced and works as full-time professional piano movers who have mastered special techniques in moving a piano to another location. They take pride in their skill that not one piano got broken during their transport.

Most importantly, our crews love pianos.

Why hire us?

Full-time Expert Piano Movers

Being a full-time piano mover makes our crews an expert in their field. This will ensure the safety transport of your piano. We have years of experience moving multiple pianos per day.

Our crew uses the latest tools and equipment to protect your piano from any damages.

Transport Vehicles Specially Designed for Piano Moving

We own a number of trucks and trailers that are engineered and designed to transport pianos. Some features of our truck include an air-ride suspension, rail lift gate, insulated body, custom dollies and other custom design that will ensure your piano’s safety.

All of our trucks are maintained by our mechanics to keep your piano on Route 24/7. We have spare parts in stock and tires on hand if certain needs arise. As a matter of fact, our units are inspected daily and every after a trip to our shop to make sure they are in good running condition.

This will ensure the on-time delivery of your piano to your new location with zero delays.

24/7 Piano Moving

Our trucks can run seven days a week. Though our standard operating time is only until Saturday, negotiating with our staff in advance can make your Sunday request possible.
Unexpected delays may happen in events where storms and heavy rains pour out. But our crews will still work if the weather is not hazardous to their lives. We have the right equipment to make sure your piano is transported safely to its new home. Nonetheless, our crews will inform you of any unexpected delays.

Fully Licensed and Insured

To ensure the safety of our employees, they are covered while they work on your property up to the new location of your piano. Valuation is included with every move with no deductible.

Our Services

Door-to-door piano transport

To save you from the stress and the hassle of moving your piano by yourself, we pick up and deliver your piano door-to-door. You are assured that your valued piano will arrive in your new location through our trusted and friendly crews.


Climate change may cause a tuning change to your piano especially when it is moved to a new location with a different climate. We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before having your piano tuned to make sure it has acclimated and settled. Our skilled technicians can help you fix the tuning so that you can enjoy playing your piano in your new location.

When you delegate the task of moving your piano to us, you are rest assured that your piano is in the best of hands. Not only will you get the best service from us, but you will also get the best price as well that will fit your budget with no hidden charges waiting on the other end.

Our piano movers know exactly how to protect your piano, and they have all the necessary tools, ramps, pads, dollies, straps, and trucks to ensure the successful transport of your piano. Our crews had also moved over thousands of pianos through the years making our movers the best in this industry.

Communication and appropriate planning are what makes the success of moving your piano. Call us anytime, get a quote, and we will schedule the delivery date on your available time.

Locations We Service

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