Tips for Moving your Piano


If you are one of those that needs a hand in moving a piano

– then you better read on.

Piano moving is not an easy task for any homeowners, may

it be moving a grand piano or an upright piano. We can

only hope it was as easy as moving any furniture in our

house, but frankly, it is not. A piano is a delicate musical instrument and planning of moving this piece

of equipment by yourself is too risky and you might even damage the piano itself or even worst, injuring

yourself during the process of moving the piano. If you intend in doing so, make sure you are well

equipped with the necessary equipment needed for this delicate transport.



If you are fully committed to moving a piano on your own and with the help of a couple of manpower, it

is important that you make the necessary preparations. A piano that is over a 1000 pound is a daunting

task to move for anyone. Knowing how much it weighs is one thing, and with an uncertain center of

gravity, makes it even a bigger challenge during the transport. It is better to overestimate the weight of

these musical instruments and have as many people you can have to help you out. There are certain

things that you need to do prior to moving the piano.



Prepare the pianopiano-452890

Typically, these pianos don’t come cheap; they have

a significant financial value. It is one of the most

valuable pieces we have in our households. Most of

it has lucrative finishes on it, so it is equally

important to maintain and preserve the excellent

aesthetic feature of this delicate musical

instrument. It is advised to protect its edges and corners with pads strap on it and cover the whole piano

with a couple of blankets and secured with a packaging tape. This will prevent any scuffing, scratches or

dents on the piano when moving it. It is highly recommended to have a dolly whenever you have plans of

moving a piano. With the piano settled firmly on top of this four-wheeled platform helps a lot in moving

this musical instrument faster.




Plan the route piano planning

It is important to make the necessary

measurements of the pianos length and

width for it will serve as a guide on how you

will be able to move the piano in and out of doorways and hallways. Given that the right measurements

are done, you can now be able to plan the route of moving the piano, on to which doorways and hallways

it will fit to reach the desired destination. It is equally important for you and the people helping you out

that they know the length of the route for them to be able to anticipate the amount of effort needed to

safely move the piano. If the route involves moving the piano through stairways, it is advised that you

deploy ramps on these stairways. Navigating through these ramps with the aid of a dolly is not easy. You

should have as many people at the receiving end when going down these ramps, and have as many

people on the pushing end when going up as well.  



Although moving a piano is a delicate task, you can always opt for other option which is hiring a

professional help. Having experienced piano movers do this task for you will surely cost more than the

amount you are willing to spend on the snacks of your helpful friends, but it can give you assurance and

peace of mind that your prized possession will be well taken care of. Your piano has a thousand moving

parts in it and these professionals have a keen understanding of all its intricate details, they are well

trained and knowledgeable on the safest way of lifting and twisting of a standard upright piano. They

know how to disassemble a grand piano and secure its inner mechanical parts. These professionals also

have the latest tools and equipment needed for moving a piano and protecting it all throughout the

course of the transport and maintains the integrity of the beautiful piano.


Your piano is one of the most valuable and delicate items in your home. Having professional help in

moving a piano gives you a stress-free transition to your new home. Contacting a piano mover is the

wisest decision to make. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing your piano is being handled by

professionals who knows exactly how to take good care of your beautiful musical instruments.

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