Long Distance Moving: A guide to avoiding accidents while moving you

two movers with a truck

Planning your move in advance and paying actual details will help you avoid unwanted events during your move. It is critical that you can differentiate a local move or nearby move from a long distance move during your pre-move planning stages. If you are a first time long distance mover or just somebody who is thinking of moving or not, you can follow some of these important tips so you can have a safe trip along the way.

Pack your things that’s fit for a long haul

Moving things means different people will handle your items by a moving company and your stuff do not stay still inside a truck, they get shaken along the way especially for long travels. If it is a bumpy ride then surely you’re things will feel the bumpiness.  Make sure your boxes are well cushioned, and it’s packed from top to bottom and nothing remain loose.  Taking into account that a long move means your boxes may be placed sideways and upside-down even at times, you may need to buy high-quality boxes and please don’t settle for cheap alternatives.

Keep the items you would need  when you arrive

Important documents such as passports, id’s, birth certificates, etc. should be with you and not inside the truck. These can easily be hand carried and surely you can take them yourself with or without your personal car. You will also need some clothes and your personal hygiene stuff around when you arrive. Usually, you would be coming first before the moving truck.

Make sure to get insurance for your belongings properly

Many things can happen along the way which you have no control of during the trip. Although 80% of all moves have no claims,  that doesn’t mean you can disregard of falling into the 20% possibility. It is better to prevent things from happening. There are different coverage in insurances so make sure you ask your moving company what these are so you can pick the right choice.


Remember to pack your things properly. Label them accordingly and if possible separate those that are needed immediately and those that are not needed daily. Group them precisely and identify which ones are fragile and which one are not. We want to let the movers know what kinds of stuff are in these boxes. It will speed your move, and it will surely make unpacking easy.

Outdoor furniture Inspection

You should check out your outdoor furniture and other items that have signs of insect infestation. There are certain moving regulations that you need to know so you can prevent importing contaminants across states. There are references available for these online. Get the facts and do your homework.

No Food and Liquids

Don’t pack any food, may it be in sealed boxes, cans, bottles or plastic packaging. They attract unwanted organisms on your shipments, and you certainly don’t want them in your new home. It also stains other people belongings especially when you did not rent the truck for your things.

Mattresses should be in boxes

 Well if you don’t wish for your mattresses to be bent or out of shape then don’t leave it outside the box. Movers won’t care if it gets tarnished or dirt, it’s not their bed after all.


Mark each boxes with your name!

It is important that you put your name in all the boxes. Make it visible as possible. Remember your stuff are not the only ones that are in that moving truck. You don’t want your stuff to move to New York when you are moving to Los Angeles.

Pay attention to the “DELIVERY WINDOW.”

Most often, moving companies do not tell you when their moving truck is going to arrive; Merely because they cannot give you a definite date for that. There’s a contract for every move and always make sure to pay attention to it. Make sure you know the timeframe of which these truck will arrive so you’ll know how many shoes or clothes you are going to bring with you. It is important to know what you will need while you wait for your stuff to arrive.


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