4 Questions To Ask Anyone You Hire For Fence Assembly

Having a fence around your yard, even if just the back yard, is a common element to many people's visions of dream homes.

The right fence makes a visual statement as much as it delineates where your yard ends and the next person's begins.

It can prove a barrier enclosing an area where your pets can run around freely, as well as provide romping grounds for your kids.

Even without pets or kids, it can mean you get to lounge outdoors free from the possibility of neighbors or animals roaming through your yard.

So, if you decide to get fencing put up, then you need to have the right fence assembly people do it.

Keep reading to learn 4 questions to ask anyone you might hire for the job.

1) Will they need to enter anyone else's yard to put up the fence?

Most fences can be put up from within the yard they are enclosing, but sometimes special circumstances can happen that might impede putting up a perimeter from completely within the yard of the owner.

There might be a lot of things stored in the backyard, a large swimming pool might take up the area, or there could be thick vegetation and lots of trees.

In corners of lots, there might be storage or garden sheds or even a detached garage sitting on the edge of the lot.

Most neighbors might not mind or even notice a little intrusion into their yard, but it is still considerate to ask your fence assembly contractor about this in advance and clear things with those that live around you, just to avoid any issues or misunderstandings.

2) Is the fencing to be put up sure to stop particular animals from getting through?

If you are hoping to have a fence assembled to keep your yard free of animals, you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

A good fence, especially one that is of solid material without openings, is likely going to keep dogs in or out, but many other animals are going to prove a different story.

Many rodents and pests can burrow under, deer can leap over surprisingly high fences, and you never know where cats can climb or jump to.

So, if animal movement or prevention is a concern of yours, then be specific in your desires and see if there is even fencing out there that can accomplish what you are hoping to get.

3) What kind of maintenance requirements and life cycle does the fencing have?

If you are going to the trouble of putting fencing up, then you want to have a good idea of how many years it should last, as well as what specific maintenance and repair tasks you need to schedule or do yourself in order to keep it lasting as long it can under the elements and local weather.

4) Does the fence contain asbestos or anything else you should worry about?

Asbestos and similar materials are not likely going to be found in anything sold as 'new,' as rules, regulations, and legislation phased them out a long time ago.

However, the modern economy does have a secondary market and consumers trying to recycle or re-purpose older materials and items, including classic fences and other structural components, so depending on your fencing choices, you might wind up with something risky, even if the risk is a minimal one.

Now that you know 4 questions to ask your fence assembly contractor or crew, you should be able to have a great fence around your yard without worry.