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Vehicle Transport Lake Forest, CA

Sometimes you find a good deal on your dream automobile online but the vehicle is in another area than yours.
Or you company wants you to move to another office in another state and you like to keep driving your car.
Or you're perhaps planning to send a car to a family living in another state.
In these cases, it is probably more convenient to hire an automobile shipping service than to drive the automobile yourself and fly back home.
Whether a personal car, company car, or vintage automobile, we can safely ship your vehicle from state to state.
Shipping a car with us ensures that you will have the most cost-effective and convenient ways to move your vehicle.
Our people is very friendly and well-trained and will help you with any questions you might have.

Call Us At 949-304-5381

Services we offer

Our assembly services are not limited to furniture alone. We also do the following services inside and outside your homes:

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Kind of shipping equipment we use:

Open Truck

The most common and cheapest way of shipping a car is by using an open truck to transport your vehicle.
Vehicles are loaded on a shipping-designed rack which is then towed by a prime mover or trailer.
A trained driver will make sure that your car will reach its destination safely.
The down side of an open truck is that there is still a change of roadside debris to hit your car, just like it would when you would be driving it yourself.

Enclosed Truck

Cars are still loaded like the open truck but they are surrounded with a roof and walls.
It will also shield your automobile from bad weather.
Closed trucks are often used to transport luxury vehicles or old-timers. Whether they are in a running condition or otherwise, our skilled drivers and staffs will carefully load your car into an enclosed trailer for the trip.
All cars will be safely secured and strapped down when loading on the transporter.


Rail services are often used for quicker shipping.
We can transport your car using rail to the nearby train station and transfer it to a truck to reach its final location.

Crucial things to take note of

Schedule of delivery

The time of delivery depends on the distance of the transportation.
A typical timeframe is between 8 to 10 days, but it can be less or more.
The delivery date will be giving at the time of booking, but we can give you a good estimate in advance once our company know the destination.
If there is any trouble reaching the delivery date, we can provide a temporary replacement car.

Booking policy

For most long distance transport we will require the booking to happen at least one week ahead of time.
Though there are times when we can include last minute shipments or same day pick up, booking with us ahead of time is a sure way for your vehicle to arrive on time.


Because of unforeseen events that may happen during the transfer of your vehicles, we include insurance coverage for the shipping of all automobiles.
This gives you and our firm a security in case of regrettable incidents.
We also take photos and checklists for the state of your car before and after the shipment to verify if there were problems during the shipment.
This eliminates your tension for unforeseen vehicle repairs in the future.
Lastly, if you are still undecided unto what Shipping company you will work with, give our experts a call or try submitting a free quote to us.

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