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A certain point comes when your house needs some extra space due to the accumulated appliances, furniture, books and other things that you’ve have bought through the years.

Or it could be that you’re remodeling a room in your house and can’t fit your furniture anymore.

If you still want to keep your valuable items but you have no extra space for them, the most flexible, affordable, and convenient solution is for you to rent a storage unit for all your precious stuff.

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Services we offer

Our assembly services are not limited to furniture alone. We also do the following services inside and outside your homes:

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We have the best storage solutions for you!

We provide secure self storage units that are both clean and dry, ideal for temporary or long-term storage.

Whatever your need is, we have a solution for you.

Storage Sizes

Our storage units come in various standard sizes and are accessible on one side through a roll-up door. Depending on your need, you can freely choose the available units that will best fit your items. If you are downsizing or renovating your house, you may need a bigger storage size that will fit all your belongings.


Our units are mostly secured by a built-in locking mechanism and you can also use your own lock or both. Aside from the locks, an onsite CCTV cameras are used to have a 24/7 monitoring for all storage facilities. This gives you the confidence that your items are all secured. The storage units will also be managed by a dedicated staff to ensure the safety of your stored items.

Storage Rental Rates

The affordable rental rates for our storage units are usually charged on a monthly basis. Different contracts can be negotiated depending on the size of your need. Moreover, the price varies on the location of the storage unit and any additional amenities like climate control.

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Special Amenities

You can opt to include special amenities that you will need for your items stored in our storage units. These include climate controlled storage, storage with electricity and 24-hour access.

Our climate controlled storage units allows your items to remain cool and dry. Thus, it is protected against extreme heat and cold as well as humidity, that can cause damage to your furniture’s organic materials and clothing.

Storage units with access to electricity enable you to easily plug into the facility’s power source in times when you need to set up a temporary office or workstation.

Finally, our 24/7 access allows you to go to your storage units whenever you need to.

Vehicle Storage

Aside from storing your valued possessions in our storage units, we also offer storage and parking for different vehicles including cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, storage trailers, and boats on trailers. You can freely choose whether to park them outdoors, on a covered parking, or indoor storage for selected vehicles that can fit in the storage space.

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